What is Appliance Dispensing?

Appliance dispensing is similar to prescription dispensing; it allows a local pharmacy to dispense a select number of products and items to a patient that are required for the management of their condition. This can be done through a dispensing appliance contractor (DAC) who will be partnered with the pharmacy to perform the service or the pharmacy itself will take on the role of the dispense contractor and provide the service directly to the patient.

Why is Appliance Dispensing Important?

Appliance dispensing allows for pharmacies to supply patients with an appliance without having to make regular visits to their GP surgery. Prescriptions are prepared in advance and items are supplied in a timely manner.

What is Included Under the Appliance Dispensing Service?

The list of appliances available as part of the dispensing service is vast. Some appliances available include:

What The Ridge Pharmacy, Bradford can do to help you:

The appliance dispensing service allows for repeat dispensing for the management of ongoing conditions.

If you are using our appliance dispensing service, we would need you to contact us a few days before you run out of your appliances. This will enable us to arrange for a prescription and for a new order to be sent out ready for delivery.

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